After 11 years of dedicated and passionate work from the creator of this site, Tim Richardson
has hung up his boots (but not his interest) and passed this site on to new management.
Sharing a love for the game as with many of you and as a passionate football supporter I plan to
continue Tim's initial vision and passion for this site to provide a one-stop "shop" for all there
is to know about goal scoring records from the start of footballing records.
This is and will remain a site for those passionate about the game and the goals. But we also plan to
take this to next level with increased access and correlation of the data of the history of goals.
We would thus love to hear your feedback in any areas you think could be improved upon on this site
or new things you would like to see that would make this more valuable to you.
Graham Wilkins
P.S: This site was kept up-to-date up until the end of the 2015/2016, however this will continue to be updated
in the very near future after some rework. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.